SMD Microstepping Drive
  • Microstepping smoothness motion
  • Motor generated energy protection
  • 2MHz step input rate
  • Current waveform selection
  • Auto-standby current reduction
  • Speed to 50 rev/sec
  • Optically coupled inputs
  • 24-60 single supply
  • Short circuit protection
The SMD (small drive) is a bipolar microstepping drive with a pulse
width modulation amplifier(PWM) switching at 20 KHz frequency. The
drive regulates the current in the motor windings using three different
techniques: charging, discharging and circulating. It minimizes motor
heat and vibration typically found in the peak detection technique..
The drive requires a single D. C. voltage supply. It can deliver 8 amps
peak current at output stages. The current is set with an external single
resistor. 8 different step resolutions and 6 harmonic waveform
selections are accessible from a dip switch.
A standard 9 pin D connector with optically isolated step and direction
inputs, remote disable input, and a fault output gives this drive an easy
to use interface for indexers on the market. The drive has phase to
phase and phase to ground short circuit protection to protect the drive
against faulty operations.
The drive's small dimensions and simple interface makes it an ideal
choice for OEM cost conscious applications.
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