HVS Series Microstepping Drive
HVS series drives have a self contained power supply which can be
plugged into a 120 or 240 VAC outlet, although best performance is
obtained from a 240 VAC. This 12 amp drive incorporates a rugged
bipolar IGBT H bridge construction and a recirculate current drive
topology to achieve maximum motor performance.
The drive has industry-standard Step and Direction signals, as well as
additional remote disable and error output signals. All the 1/0 are
optically isolated. The standard system has switch selectable
resolutions from 25600 to 400 steps per revolution. Motor current is
programmable from 5 to 12 amps in 8 increments from a user
accessible dip switch. Wave shape correction for 3rd harmonic
distortion provides compensation for a wide range of motors.
This high power drive accommodates NEMA 42 to 65 size motors,
which produce torque from 1000 oz-in to 8000 oz-in and deliver
more than 2 horse power.
  • 95- 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz power
  • Switch selectable auto standby mode
  • Motor interlock signal
  • Fan -cooled enclosure
  • Built-in energy absorber during deceleration
  • Over temperature, over current, under
    voltage protection
  • Full phase to phase and phase to ground
  • Indicators for error conditions
  • Input pulse rate to 2 MHz
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