LNII Linear Series Low Noise
Microstepping Drive
The LNII drive is a self contained bipolar linear amplifier
microstepping drive. The units unique microprocessor
controlled multilevel drive eliminates the noise problems
associated with pulse width modulated drives without
sacrificing performance. The drive's low EMI/RFI radiation
makes it an ideal choice for noise sensitive precision
measurements required in disk testers and sonar
The standard system has switch selectable resolutions from
51200 to 400 steps per revolution; yielding the resolution and
smoothness required for critical applications. A wide range of
motors are available offering torque from 60 to 380 in-oz.
Optically isolated step and direction inputs prevent ground
loops with connecting equipment. Custom OEM options are
available. Current is programmable in 39 ma. increments up
to 2.5 amp.
  • Industry standard Step and Direction interface
  • Short circuit /temperature protection
  • Remote disable command line
  • Current waveform selection
  • Fan cooled enclosure
  • Speeds to 50 rev/sec
  • Virtually no radiated electrical noise (EMI)
  • 95-130 /185-270 VAC 501 60 Hz AC line
    isolated supply
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