VS Series Microstepping Drive
PMCs "VS" series drives use a proprietary design that
reduces EMI, motor heating and compensates for various
motor types automatically. The "VS" series pulse width
modulated microstepping drive incorporates a rugged bipolar
MOSFET H bridge construction. The drive switches at 20
kHz, which is above the audible range while still at a rate that
is efficient for motors.
The standard system has switch selectable resolutions from
51200 to 400 steps per revolution; yielding the resolution and
smoothness required for critical applications. Motor current is
programmable to 6 amps in 64 increments from a user
accessible dip switch. Wave shape correction for 3rd
harmonic distortion provides compensation for a wide range
of motors.
Optically-isolated inputs/outputs eliminate ground loops from
connecting equipment. The drive has industry-standard Step
and Direction signals, as well as additional remote disable and
error output signals to add extra user flexibility to the drive. A
built-in power supply makes the drive ready and easy to use.
  • Industry-standard Step and
    Direction interface
  • Steps/rev selectable from 400
    to 51200
  • Optically-isolated I/O
  • Reduced EMI and motor heat
  • Convection cooled enclosure
  • 0 to 6 amp drive in 64
    selectable ranges
  • Over-temperature protection
    short circuit protection
  • Indicators for error conditions
  • Input pulse rate to 2 MHz
  • 95-130 VAC, 50/60Hz AC
    power supply